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by skcolb

Beautiful. Beautiful is word that I would describe this. The shading, the technique, the vision you were going for. It's beautiful. I m...

by skcolb

Breathtaking. Firstly, I like how you used Zane's situation with his fangirls mobbing and screaming for his love. Not all fangirls want...



A birthday gift from me to you, :icontlfscarheart:! Hope you enjoy!


There he was, standing across the way. He was going to judge you for everything you've done so far. You try to mentally calm yourself down for you've got nothing to hide. At all. And yet, just seeing him there rigid like a statue, it honestly makes you feel a shiver sent through your back.

But there was no turning back now.

"Your actions here...will determine the fate of the entire world. If you refuse to fight, Asgore will take your soul and destroy humanity. But if you kill Asgore and go home, monsters will remain trapped here forever. So what will you do?"

For a moment, you don't reply. You were so taken aback by his question that you blanked out momentarily. It was a tough decision in all honesty. You couldn't bear the thought of harming another person, even if it was the ruler of all monsters. But you had family to go back to and friends who were waiting for you on the other side.

After a few minutes, you begin to speak.

"I...I must confess that these two choices will be hard choices. On one hand, I would never want to kill another soul, even out of desperation. But there are people out there waiting for me and I want to see them again."

Finally, you face the judge, eyes and voice firm. "I will do the right thing, no matter how long it takes."

He looks at you, surprised. Then, a shadow of a grin appears on his face. He chuckled and for once, you felt the negative energy decrease a bit, though it was still there. You felt your rate decrease with every passing minute. After he stopped chuckling, he looked at you with a little twinkle in his pupils.

"Should've figured. You've got this little thing called Determination. As long as you do what's in your heart, I believe you'll do the right thing."

A smile as big as the sun crossed your face and you felt a huge weight being lifted off your shoulders. But the smile reduced in size as you were faced with one more task: to face the king once and for all. You reach him and he's a little smaller than you were. On one hand, you want to cuddle him (along with his brother) but on the other hand, that would be unprofessional. You smile at him before heading off to face King Asgore.


"Hey." His deep voice rang through the phone. "So, the king disappeared and everyone's been a little uneasy. But if you didn't give up, then neither will we." There seemed to be a little laugh as he ended his sentence. "By the way, I heard from a little bird that it was your birthday. So, happy birthday kiddo, and remember, a lot of people care about you."
Judgement Hall. Neutral Ending. Happy Birthday.
Here you are, :icontlfscarheart:. Sorry it's a bit late!
Luna, you and Leo have been chosen as Warriors of the Madolche Card Deck. Awaken!


Luna awoke blearily to Leo's worried face. She smiled tiredly to reassure him that she was okay before getting up from the computer desk. As she made her way into the bathroom, Luna turned her head ever so slightly to find Leo hunched over the desk. She would have scolded him for improper posture, but it wasn't worth it right now. Besides, over the past couple of days, there were bigger concerns to worry about than just improper sitting posture.

Over the course of at least five days, all their friends went missing. The first was Jack after a Duel Circuit in New Domino City, followed by Crow soon after. Yusei and Aki fared little better as they disappeared within hours of each other in the same day. Trudge, bless him, was putting a lot of his policing hours trying to find the missing duelists and promised to contact the twins if there were any leads. But so far, there were none whatsoever so they took it upon themselves to find their friends.

As Luna took time getting dressed, her mind trailed back to that dream and the meaning that it could possibly contain. The Madolche Card Deck was a rare and mysterious deck that only hardcore collectors were hard-pressed to buy. She'd seen pictures of certain cards online and believed them to be extremely adorable though their use in battle was never known to her. To be chosen as a Warrior to these deck of cards, now that was the mystery that alluded her.  

As she walked out of the bathroom, she heard a shout coming from Leo's bedroom. Rushing her way over there, she stopped dead in the doorway to an unbelievable sight.

Who is she?!

Standing in the room along with Leo was a woman clad in all her royal finery. Her purple hair was adorned in long curls complete with a silver crown laced in hearts along with a few colored bobbles here and there. Her dress shined in beautiful brown and gold, designed to look like a Tiramisu cake complete with laced lavender trim. Her face, though pale, contained no trace of arrogance. Indeed, it looked a tiny bit haggard and worried.


"I haven't the faintest idea on who she is, Sis." Leo shrugged. "She just appeared here suddenly."

"Allow me to introduce myself," She said, her voice a gentle whisper. "I am Queen Tiaramisu, the leader in the Madolche Card Deck. I am sure that you are somewhat acquainted with me."

"You're the voice in my dream last night." Luna mumbled in realization.

"Quite right, Lady Luna. You and your brother have been chosen as Warriors in my Card Deck if only temporarily."

"Sorry." Leo began. "Luna and I have a bit of trouble concerning our friends."

"I quite understand. Actually, I have a bit of information regarding their whereabouts. It seems that an evil wizard has taken them prisoner, along with my daughter Madolche Puddingcess and her friend Madolche Magileine."


This was all too much to take in. For one thing, the woman claimed to be the leader of an incredibly rare card deck. Furthermore, she needed their help to fight off this evil wizard for who knows how long in order to save her daughter and her daughter's friend. Even more frightening was the fact that this evil wizard had their friends as well! Leo shook his head trying to wake up from this bizarre dream (it had to be, it just had to be), but Luna was a bit more trusting. She made her way towards Queen Tiaramisu and bowed to her.

"Alright, your Highness. I trust you. Turn me into a Warrior of the Madolche Card Deck."    

Queen Tiaramisu smiled and tapped Luna's shoulder gently with the staff. A warm feeling washed over her as a bright light engulfed her. Just as quickly as it started, it ended. Luna felt taller and slightly warmer. A quick once-over found her dressed in a butler's outfit, complete with coat and monocle. Luna looked at the queen for clarification and then to her brother, who stood there mouth agape.

"Congratulations. You have now become Madolche Butlerusk."

"Luna, do you still have your wits and memories about you?" Leo asked urgently, walking over and squeezing Luna's shoulders worriedly. Luna looked confused. Of course she had her wits and memories. After a nod, Leo sighed a breath of relief. Queen Tiaramisu, who was watching the scene with great interest, also look confused.

"What seems to be the matter, Sir Leo?"

"Sorry. Just that I have seen instances where the whole transformation thing doesn't really work out and as a result, strange-er-situations have happened and it's a long story."

"Oh my. That sounds horrible." Queen Tiaramisu nodded sympathetically.

"Yeah, well, at least Luna still has her wits about her. So sign me up!" Leo grinned.

Queen Tiaramisu returned the smile and tapped Leo on the shoulder gently as well. Instantly, a bright light covered him until a woman stood in his place. She had short hair the color of marmalade with matching eyes and a maid's outfit, complete with a frilly headband. She turned over to the mirror and blinked before smiling even wider.

"I have to admit. This is somewhat cool!" Leo pumped a fist in the air. Luna walked over to the mirror and saw that his hair turned brown and fluffier complete with matching eyes as well. She patted her hair experimentally before turning to Queen Tiaramisu, who waited patiently. Queen Tiaramisu then stood up and handed them one card each.

"For some areas, only two people can go through here. That being my daughter and Magileine. They will instantly transform you into these two so that you can access the areas easier. Luna, you will turn into Madolche Puddingcess while Leo will turn into Madolche Magileine."

"Cool!" Leo remarked.

"With this, I used the last of my powers. Until the wizard can be defeated...I placed in a dormant state...Good Luck...." With this, Queen Tiaramisu's body shimmered until it faded. Leo and Luna looked at each other and nodded before heading off to the first area to save their friends and the inhabitants of the Madolche kingdom.
Warriors of the Madolche Kingdom! Leo and Luna!
This was a request for :iconjamie260397: and :icontherandom500:. I wanted to make something nice for them; however, my drawing skills are a bit rusty at the moment. Therefore, I don't feel like I can do any request pure justice by drawing it. Hence, why I turned to writing it instead. I sure hope you two like it!
Hey, guys!

Sorry about the art delay; it's just that college and the fact that it has no scanner is keeping the art from coming.

Nevertheless, in that time, I will be reviewing Ninjago OCs. Keep in mid that I will be reviewing finalized Ninjago OCs, not the ones that are starting out and not the ones from the past. Trust me, I've had some OCs that were...out there. I'm still finalizing myself, but please note that just because I'm finalizing, doesn't mean that it plays a crucial part on the review itself.

I will also be constructively honest. I will say both the good things and things that need improvement about the OC in question.

Okay! Bring in the Ninjago OCs!


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